History and Location of Anthony’s Mill

Other Names: Possibly Pearson’s Mill

Years: 1792 – 1915

Structure Exists?  No

Location Precision:  50 meters

The following text is extracted from John F. McGrain, The Molinography of Maryland, Expanded, 2007 Edition for Posting Online at the Maryland State Archives.

Anthony is a place name on Md. 474 between Hobbs and Denton. The 1860 census of manufactures listed Robert Anthony with $4000 capital investment in a gristmill with 1 employee and water-powered output of 5000 bu corn and 2000 bu wheat ($10,000). Isler’s map of 1875 showed R. Anthony’s grist and saw mill on Watts Creek. The American Miller, 6 (October 1, 1878): 240, reported, “Mr. Joshua Anthony, of Denton, Md., has remodeled his mill.”

The 1880 census of manufactures showed $2200 capital investment in the mill and an annual production of $3746. The maximum daily capacity was 85 bu. A 12-foot fall on Watts Creek drove 3 run of stones through two 24-inch turbines that ran at 180 rpm to develop 13 hp. The American Miller, 14 (March 1, 1886): 147, reported, “The floodgates of Wm. H. Dean’s mill-dam at Fowling Creek, Caroline Co., Md., were washed out during the recent flood, carrying away a considerable portion of the dam.” The 1887 State business directory listed J. M. Anthony as owner of s gristmill.

The Denton Journal, June 28, 1890, contained an advertisement to sell a mill property mortgaged by Robert W. Anthony in 1888 (recorded in Liber LHG 52:282). A public sale was to take place on July 15, 1890, of Anthony’s Mill, a dwelling, and a store house, Lots 1, 2, and 3.

The American Miller, 21 (November 1, 1893): 844, reported that the August Wolf Company had installed a new roller mill of J. M. Anthony, at Anthony, Md. [presumably new equipment put into an existing mill]. The Baltimore American, September 16, 1896, reported the burial of Joshua M. Anthony, eldest son of the late Robert Anthony, owner of Anthony’s Mills, Greensboro.

The Denton Journal, September 26, 1896, carried an advertisement, “Flour Mill for Rent for 1897. Equipped with roller process, in first class repair, and has both steam and water power. There is a saw mill attached, which can also be rented if party desired. There is a six-room dwelling, a garden, and a stable. Party will be required to give bond for the rest and for the proper management of the property. It is located about two and a half miles from Denton, and is known as Anthony’s Mill. The applicant must be well recommended.—Mrs. M. Ella Anthony, Anthony, Md.”

The 1897 map by Saulsbury showed he mill as property of the Anthony heirs.

John M. Anthony (1848-1896) also ran a general store and served as postmaster. His British grandfather had built the mill and his father, Robert Anthony, had carried it on. A 1792 plat of the neighborhood showed a sketch of a one-story mill, similar to Wye Mill, and was published in Easton to Bethlehem by W. Francis Ewing, p. 26. The mill once had a wool-carding machine, per HCLN, p. 166f.

The mill was not to be found in the Northwestern Miller’s list of Maryland mills in 1930. Chris Slaughter of the Maryland Geological Survey noted in April 1979, that his grandparents had operated the mill down to about the time of the First World War; there were no remnants on Anthony Mill Road when he gave this information to Claire A. Richardson. Location was 13-G-12 in the ADC Street Atlas.

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