At Hubbard’s Crossroads, take the right fork.

hubbards crossroads

Below is a list of crossroads that appear in 1875 and 1897 maps of Caroline County.   Crossroads marked “1875” appear only on the 1875 map and are not indicated 22 years later.

Each crossroads in the list below is linked to an interactive map.  You can turn the 1875 and 1897 map layers on and off to see the surrounding area then and now.

The map’s default view is 1897.  Turn on the 1875 layer (north or south county) to see crossroads marked “1875” in this list:

American Corners
Baltimore Corners

Cleave’s Forks
Greenlee’s Crossroads
Hollingsworth Crossroads
Holly Crossroads
Hubbard’s Crossroads (1875)
Johnson’s Crossroads (1875)
Keen’s Crossroads
Lyden’s Crossroads
Manship’s Crossroads (1875)
Simper’s Crossroads (1875)
Townsend’s Crossroads (1875)