Other Names: School No. 4 (1875), School No. 1 (1896)

Earliest Documented: 1875

Latest Documented: 1896


Listed as School No. 4 in Denton Journal 1877 and on 1875 Isler map adjacent to (NW of) “Colored Church” at Boonsboro crossroads. The geographic location is based on 1875 map and position of the present cemetery. No school is shown in the 1897 Saulsbury map.

Location Precision: 50 Meters

Structure Exists: No

Primary Source: 1875 Isler map



Boonsboro School staff and students.  Date unknown.
Schoolhouse is visible in background, right.
Back row third from the left is Harry H Wooters, born 1894.
Photo provided by Dorsey Wooters.

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The History and Cartography Behind the Story


We used these map sources to identify the sites of historic schools:

We verified locations and cross-checked school names and numbers by searching the Denton Journal online.

We explored many sites using satellite imagery and high-resolution Maryland State aerial imagery.

We continue to collaborate with Ms. Jean Kelly, Caroline County Historical Society Archivist Volunteer and author of the forthcoming Historic One-Room Schools of Caroline County, to validate historic school locations and identities and gather stories about school students, teachers, and activities.

We also collaborate with the Choptank River Heritage project and its Caroline Digital History Project.  CCHS maintains archives of research on many of Caroline’s historic schools.  Contact caroline.digi.history@gmail.com for more information.

Above: Hillsboro School re-discovered using historic maps and high-resolution aerial imagery.

Historic One-Room Schoolhouses of Caroline County

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Segregated White Schools

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