The Historic Landscape of Caroline County

We identified the locations of the bridges, ferries, and navigation landmarks in the Choptank River Heritage area primarily by georeferencing the 1875 Isler and 1897 Saulsbury maps of Caroline County

In the map shown on this page, use the toggle at the upper left to turn on/off background layers for 1850-1900 maps of Caroline and surrounding counties. 

Use the grid icon to change the modern basemap from topographic to satellite imagery, roads and streets, or others.

Below the map are lists of identified bridges, ferries, and navigation landmarks which appear in the map.

See the larger map of Bridges, Ferries, and Navigation Landmarks in the Historic Landscape of Caroline County, Maryland with historical and imagery basemaps.


See our Choptank River Heritage Sites Research map application for the geographic locations of all documented sites.  These sites can be viewed over a variety of topographic, satellite and aerial imagery, and historic basemaps.

Many of the historic sites are described in detail here in the CCHS web site.  Use the website search box above to find pages and posts for sites by name.

Name Earliest Documented Latest Documented Lat Lon
Choptank River Bridge 1935 -76.06 38.58
St. Joans Path 1500 -75.79 39.00
New Bridge 1906 -75.91 38.83
Todds Point 1877 -76.24 38.63
Tred Avon Ferry 1683 -76.18 38.70
Tuckahoe Bridge -75.95 38.97
Queen Anne RR Bridge – Choptank -75.83 38.89
Queen Anne RR Bridge – Tuckahoe -75.95 38.92
Sandy Island Bridge 1919 -75.76 39.03
Aker’s Ferry 1722 -76.05 38.59
Barwicks Ferry 1779 -75.83 38.91
Benoni Point 1812 -76.20 38.67
Benoni Point Light 1870 -76.18 38.66
Chancellors Point 1760 -76.03 38.58
Dover Bridge 1810 -76.00 38.76
Dover Ferries 1760 -76.01 38.74
Ennalls Ferry 1760 -76.02 38.57
Hambrooks Bar Light 1902 -76.08 38.60
Horn Point 1750 -76.14 38.61
Long Point 1880 -75.94 38.88

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