Historical Maps from the David Rumsey Collection

Maryland’s Eastern Shore and what later became Caroline County were first mapped by Augustine Hermann in 1670. Many of the maps which show the Eastern Shore since 1670 have been preserved and digitized by the David Rumsey Map Collection.  David Rumsey also created web services for the digitized maps, so they can be added to map apps and compared to other historic maps and the modern landscape.  We added to our own map app all of the David Rumsey Collection’s historic maps which show towns and other features of  modern Caroline County from 1670 through 1950.

Some of the maps, especially before 1850, covered large regions and so didn’t have space for many details.  Only the most prominent towns could be shown.  In Caroline County 1824, for example, these were Bear Town (now Henderson) and Punch Hall (now Burrsville) – besides Denton, Greensboro, and Federalsburg.


See all the Historical Maps in One App

Our map app is here.

You can move around the map, zoom in and out, turn on/off over 20 different historic maps.  Change the basemap to compare the historic map to modern satellite imagery, roads, and topography.



Click the name of the map layer for links to more information about that map in the David Rumsey Maps Collection.


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