The Caroline Digital History Project

A Collaboration with the Caroline County Historical Society

The Caroline Digital History Project is a new initiative of the Caroline County Historical Society.

More History for Everyone

The goal of the Project is to make more Caroline County history available to the public. The Project will do this by:


  • Organizing and safeguarding the Society’s hardcopy research archives.
  • Publishing a searchable digital index of the archives.
  • Digitizing selected hardcopy resources.
  • Providing access to online research, reports, and images.
  • Ensuring safe storage of paper archives and cloud backup of digital archives.
  • Engaging researchers and the public through social media outreach.

The Project is Already Under Way

The Society’s Archives Team of volunteers has spent hundreds of hours organizing and safeguarding the physical archives.

CCHS volunteers are:

  • Updating the CCHS website.
  • Prototyping a searchable online research database.
  • Safeguarding research documents with online (cloud) backup.
  • Digitizing CCHS print material for sharing online.
  • Setting up email service for a newsletter, calls to action, and event announcements.
  • Integrating website, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media for outreach to younger audiences.


CDHP/CCHS volunteers meet weekly at the Heritage Center in Denton to organize and prepare the physical archives for indexing and digitizing.