The Old Harford Town Maritime Center (OHTMC) in West Denton is no more.  But OHTMC’s legacy continues.

Choptank River Heritage sites were first catalogued by OHTMC and published in two volumes:

Maryland’s Upper Choptank River and Tuckahoe River Cultural Resource Inventory (1999)

Lower Choptank River Cultural Resource Inventory (2002)

These studies were funded by the Maryland Historical Trust.  They identify many types of historic sites and structures, including:

  • towns
  • landings
  • wharves
  • warehouses
  • canneries, and
  • sunken vessels

Since the inventories were published, Choptank River Heritage (CRH) continues the work of OHTMC by publishing historic maps, site descriptions, and stories of people and places of the Choptank River watershed.