The Historic Landscape of Caroline County

We identified the locations of Almshouses, Courthouses, Jails, Fairgrounds, Grange and Ruritan Halls, and Tobacco Warehouses in the Choptank River Heritage area primarily by georeferencing the 1875 Isler and 1897 Saulsbury maps of Caroline County.

Below the map are lists of these civic sites and buildings which appear in the map.

See the larger map of Civic Buildings and Sites in the Historic Landscape of Caroline County, Maryland with historical and imagery basemaps.



See our Choptank River Heritage Sites Research map application for the geographic locations of all documented sites.  These sites can be viewed over a variety of topographic, satellite and aerial imagery, and historic basemaps.

Many of the historic sites are described in detail here in the CCHS web site.  Use the website search box above to find pages and posts for sites by name.

Name Earliest Documented Latest Documented Lat Lon
Melvills Warehouse 1736 -75.83 38.91
Granger’s Hall 1875 -75.91 38.71
Caroline County Alms House 1897 -75.77 38.89
Caroline County Courthouse 1875 1897 -75.83 38.89
Fairground 1875 -75.81 38.70
Caroline County Jail 1875 1897 -75.83 38.89