Chlora Point

Other names:  Chlora’s Point Wharf, Clora, Choptank Ferry

Chlora Point is located near the end of Chlora Point Road, above Trappe Creek and nearly due north of Horn Point, on the tip of Island Neck, Dorchester County.  One of the early ferries to operate across the Choptank River was started in 1690 which ran between Castle Haven on the Dorchester County side and Chlora Point on the Talbot County side (see also Castle Haven).  In 1690 the operator of the ferry recieved 4000 lbs. of tobacco per year.  “Chora’s Point Wharf” is shown on an 1877 atlas map.  This is probably the same ferry which was referred to as “Choptank Ferry”in the 1763 Act amending the Tobacco Laws.  Henry Ennall’s Jr. operated a warehouse at the Choptank Ferry prior to 1763 but it is not clear if this was the Chora Point or the Castle Haven side.  The tobacco inspector was given a salary of 9600 lbs of tobacco in 1763.  A house called Chlora Point dates from the late 18th century with several additions and alterations in 1830, 1870 and 1920.

Maryland Steamboat Company’s Highland Light and Kent provided nightly service from Baltimore to Choptank River including a stop at Chlora Point in 1878.

(Choptank River Cultural Resources Inventory, 1999-2002)

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