Other names:  Antonina

LeCompte is located in an embayment off the Choptank River, just west of Horn Point, Dorchester County.  Antoine Lecopmte, a Huguenot, occupied 800 acres here called “Antonina.”  He reputedly had a thirst for killing Indians who came too near his land.  Tradition holds that members of his family bore for many years the Indian curse of blindness (see also Castle Haven).  James B. Richardson, perhaps the best known boatbuilder on the Choptank River in recent times, established a boatyard on LeCompte Bay.  Jim Richardson, for example, built the Maryland Dove, a 17th century pinnace replica; he was selected by the Smithsonian Institution to crate the American gunboat Philadelphia which sank in the battle of Lake of Champlain in 1776 and is now prominently displayed at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. (see also Travers Wharf).

(Choptank River Cultural Resources Inventory, 1999-2002)

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