Tilghman Island Field Site

Other names:  Blackwalnut Point NRL, Chesapeake Bay Detachment Field Site

This site, which dates back to the weeks surrounding D-Day in World War II, is still used by the Department of the Navy for electronics research.  The site includes a 75-foot observation tower.  The sign at the site reads:

“This site was acquired by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in August 1944.  It was originally used for electronic warfare work and comprised more than 81 acres.  Today this site covers 2 acres and consists of a 75-foot tower and several laboratory office and ship buildings.  The observation tower is currently an active research facility, used extensively for radar and electro-optic services research.  NRL often uses this site in conjunction with its Chesapeake Bay Detachment, which is located approximately 9 miles across the Bay in Chesapeake Beach, MD.”

(Choptank River Cultural Resources Inventory, 1999-2002)