Orem’s Delight

Orems Delight is located on Fox Hole Creek, off Tred Avon River, nearly opposite Oxford, above Benoni Point, Ferry Neck, on the east side of Benoni Road, 0.4 miles south of Ferry Neck Road, Talbot County. This is one of the few 18th century structures never to have been incorporated into a larger dwelling thus retaining its original 18th century appearance. The north gable end is distinctive with its Flemish bond diamond glazed brick pattern. The house is believed to have been built by Morris Orem at about the time of his marriage to Alice Spedden, prior to 1730. In this small house were raised three sons and four daughters. A five acre oyster bar was surveyed on Fox Hole Creek in 1867.

(Choptank River Cultural Resources Inventory, 1999-2002)

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