Layton’s Mill

Other Names:  Seth’s Mill, Elbens Mill, Mill Landing, Sloop Landing on Hills Shore, Nichols Mill, Ireland’s Mill, Knott’s Mill, Sparkin’s Mill, Eben’s Mill

The landing is located along an unnamed creek off Tuckahoe River. John Baynard and Henry Carson established a mill on this site in 1739. Mill Landing was located on a tract of land known as Hackton, on the east side of Tuckahoe River near the mill site on the northwest side of the intersection of Dillavaughns Branch with Tuckahoe Road. “Mill Landing” was surveyed in 1768 for James Seth who built a brick mill. The present structure dates from ca. 1820. It is the only surviving brick mill structure in Caroline County. It has been converted to a dwelling.

(Choptank River Cultural Resources Inventory, 1999-2002)

I.A. Ireland was shown as the mill property owner in the 1858 Dilworth Map of Talbot County:

Ireland’s Mill – 1858 Dilworth Map of Talbot Co.


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