Boston Cliff

Boston Cliff is a fossiliferous exposure containing marine fossils dating from the Miocene Epoch

Boston Cliff is located off Boston Cliff Road, below the upper Choptank River Bridge [Maryland Route 331] east of Easton and above Lloyd Landing on the west bank of Choptank River in Talbot County. This house is distinguished by the date “1729″ in the brick chimney.4 0 The nearby cliffs contain abundant fossils of the circa 10 to 12 million year old Miocene Epoch. Mapable geological units are called formations. Each formation has a designated type locality so geologist can visit, study and compare them. The type locality of the Boston Cliff Member of the Choptank Formation is located here. Geologist and paleontologist from around the world have come here to study this type locality.

(Choptank River Cultural Resources Inventory, 1999-2002)