Denton Wharves

Other names:  Pig Point Landings

At least two landings are known to have existed on the Denton side of the river by 1775 within the boundaries of Pig Point. These landings are identified in a 1755 “Unpatented Certificate #274-Caroline County” for Smith Island issued to James Smith. The island is still visible as marshland that runs from just north of Crouse Park to a location behind the jail. The Smith Island patent locates the island “between the upper horn landing and the uppermost landing of Pig Point.”

An eastside wharf and connecting “causeway” was authorized by the Maryland Assembly in November 1792 and is believed to have been built shortly thereafter to provide access to the Denton Ferry. The causeway and ferry crossing are identified in the “1807 Map of Denton” (Caroline County Land Records- Liber I, folio 596). Between the “fishing shore” and Turner’s Island was a dredged channel that was maintained so the schooners could ship in fertilizer and ship out grain.  This channel is now filled in.  A boat landing was also located downriver behind the St. Elizabeth Church.