Greensboro Wharves

At least two landings were located on the Choptank River in what today is called Greensboro by 1732.  One landing was located 80 perches (1320 feet) upstream from the bridge on the Queen Anne County side and another located at the eastern end of the bridge on the Dorchester side of the river.  By 1760 a county-owned wharf was located between the tobacco warehouse and Dr. Kitteridge’s lot, probably between lots 5 and 6 on the west side of the river.  Sail and steamboats traveling up the Choptank River to Greensboro, brought, among other cargo, fertilizer for local farmland, and carried away local produce, especially canned goods from the 17 canneries located there.

A wharf referred to, as Cases Wharf was located south of the Greensboro Bridge in the 1890’s.  The Saulsbury map of 1897 indicates a north Greensboro Wharf at the site of the Satterfield Warehouse and a south Greensboro Wharf owned by Captain Daniel S. Brockway at the end of Riverview Road. This wharf was in use minimally in the late 1890s.

(Choptank River Cultural Resources Inventory, 1999-2002)