Pealiquor Landing

Pealiquor Landing is located on a point of land on the east side of the Choptank River about two-and-one-half miles below Denton and just below Watts Creek and above Lyford Landing.  The farm on the point is known as “Winddrift.”

The landing apparently got its name from when the Phillips Packing Company rented land here where the separation of pea hulls from harvested peas were carried out by pea vinery machines.  The vine and pea hull by-products were compressed and sold as forage to a nearby dairyman.  The pea juice or liquor from this operation became so plentiful a drainage ditch was built.  Ever since the landing was called Pealiquor.  Footner reported a “little group of buildings” at Pealiquor Landing in the 1940s.  The landing is designated on “Topographic Map of Caroline County” 1950 revised 1971.

Pealiquor Shoal, located just upstream from Pealiquor Landing often required the transshipping of commerce to lighters for shipment further upstream in the 1920’s.  The following commerce was shipped over Pealiquor Shoal in 1924: 112 tons of fertilizer to Denton; 40 tons of fertilizer to Greensboro; 251 tons of bituminous coal; 955 tons of gasoline; 126 tons of kerosene; and 12 tons of lubrication oil.  In 1925 some 454 tons of cement were shipped over the shoal as well as 398 tons of coal, 216 tons of fertilizer, 1,413 tons of petroleum products and 37 tons of wheat.  In 1926 about 38 tons of fertilizer and over 100 tons of petroleum products were shipped over Pealiquor Shoal.

(Choptank River Cultural Resources Inventory, 1999-2002)

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