Towers’ Wharf

Other names:  Possibly same as Two Johns Wharf

This wharf was located below Potters Landing on the Choptank River. It was owned by William Frank Towers and later his son Thomas Frederick Towers; the latter was the brother of Lawrence B. Towers who once owned Potters Landing and at one time most of West Denton riverfront. It is not designated on “Topographic Map of Caroline County” 1950 revised 1971. 111 A Towers Wharf (L. B. Towers Cannery Wharf) was also located at West Denton. Based on the 1897 Saulsbury Map of Caroline County, W. F. Towers owns a house adjacent to the wharf identified as “Two Johns.” It is likely that Towers took over the “Two Johns Wharf” and store after the foreclosure of the property in 1887.

(Choptank River Cultural Resources Inventory, 1999-2002)