Andersontown Colored School

Other Names: School No. 3 (1896) Possibly Meluney’s School (White) until 1869

Earliest Documented:      1896

Latest Documented:       1897

Tags :      Segregated Black Schools


Listed in 1896 school expenditures.  DJ 1896 list school no. 3. Located in 1896 Election Dist. No. 3 (Denton Journal)

Mapped location coordinates are for un-numbered, unidentified school in 1897 Saulsbury map. Identification is very uncertain. Geographic location is guess based on 1897 map and current grove of trees. 

This is possibly the same location as Meluney’s School described by Cochrane: “The children of this [Potter’s Landing] section went to Gravelly Branch or Meluney’s schools a mile or two away until 1869, when a teacher for Potter’s Landing was appointed.”

Location Precision:  30  meters

Structure Exists:  No

Primary Source:   Denton Journal

Other Sources:     1897 Saulsbury map