Bridgetown Colored School

Other Names: School No. 3, Possibly Mission AME School

Earliest Documented: 1896

Latest Documented: 1933


Denton Journal Oct 1928 lists Bridgetown white and colored schools separately.

Bridgetown Colored School building in 2009 (MHT CAR-371)

Some details from the MHT document:

“It was to the site soon after the [Collier] farm was acquired by Mr. Collier’s uncle in 1933. Its original location was on East Chery Lane adjacent to a small frame church belonging to the black community. …

“The building is a small frame approximately 18′ x 32′ … with red aluminum siding over plain weatherboard … The form of the building is similar to other late 19th century school buildings of the Fastern Shore and elsewhere. …

“The interior retains many features from its early days as a school building. The walls are plaster on sawn lath above tongue & groove horizontal wainscot similar to the first layer of flooring (about 4” wide). …

“According to research in the files of the Historical Society, the property on which the school stood was acquired by the church in 1881. It is conceivable that the first section of the structure was built after that date. The addition could have built as late as 1910.”

Location Precision: The interactive map below shows the correct location based on MHT CAR-371. The uilding was moved to the Collier farm near Baltimore Corner in 1933. A planned move to from the farm to Goldsboro in 2009 didn’t happen as of 2019.

Original location as documented in MHT CAR-371
Bridgetown Colored School building location in 2009.
(Private property)

Categorized as Colored School in 1928. DJ 1896 list school no. 3. Located in 1896 Election Dist. No. 2.

Structure Exists:   Yes at different location.  

Primary Source: MHT CAR-371

Other Sources: Denton Journal 1928-10-20/page-4.

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