Brody’s Colored School

Other Names:  Formerly Castle Hall School (white) and School No. 4 (white)

Earliest Documented: 1896
Latest Documented: 1928


“Started about 1820, Castle Hall served as a site for the school for the white children until 1898 when the front of the Goldsboro school was erected and Castle Hall school given over to the colored people.” ( Cochrane)

Listed in DJ 1896 school expenditures. “Brody Land” was opposite Castle Hall, eastward. Castle Hall is not listed in the 1896 school expenditures that lists Brody with colored schools. Castle Hall vicinity matches Brody 1896 listing in Election District No. 1.

School at this location is labeled No. 4 on 1875 map, which indicates a segregated white school. This matches the DJ 1877 name/number list for Castle Hall entry. This same location on 1897 map is “Colored School”.  Categorized as Colored School in Denton Journal 1924-1928.”

Location Precision: 100 Meters
Structure Exists: No

Primary Source: Denton Journal
Other Sources: Cochrane pp. 187-190. Denton Journal 1896-10-24/, 1924-11-15/page-5,1925-01-17/page-5, 1928-10-20/page-4.