Nichols Rd. Colored School

Earliest Documented:  1896

Latest Documented:  1897

Tags: Segregated Black Schools


Research is still under way to locate this school and differentiate it from a “Nichols” segregated white school probably at this location (possibly earlier).  Existence of the colored school is based on Cochrane:  “A part of the old colored church opposite Mt. Pleasant Cemetery also did service as an institution of learning until the erection of the attractive new building on the Nichols road met existing need.”  See Mt. Pleasant (AME Church) Colored School.  But it is hard to see how Cochrane saw these two distant sites as related to each other.

Location coordinates for this site are precise for 1897 location confirmed by imagery (church building is extent) at SW end of Nichols Rd.

Structure Exists:  Yes

Primary Source:  1897 Saulsbury Map

Other Sources:   Cochrane, pp. 267-280

Location Precision:  1 Meter