School No. 14 (USGS GNIS)

Other Names: ?Possibly Tuckahoe Colored School ?

Earliest Documented:

Latest Documented: 1920s (USGS Topo)

Tags: Segregated Black Schools

Primary Source: USGS GNIS

Structure Exists: No

Location Precision: 30 meters

The 1920s USGS Topo map shows Harris’s Chapel and Cedar Grove School (Harris’s School) at upper left. Symbol at the School No. 14 location (USGS GNIS listing) is unclear:

Aerial imagery shows an unusual unplowed tract at this the USGS GNIS location:


This school is listed only with USGS GNIS, not on 1875 or 1897 Caroline County maps. This is a possible match for missing Tuckahoe Colored School, which burned in August 1930.

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