The Freedman’s Bureau School

Other Names: The Bureau, School No. 1, MHT CAR-177

Earliest Documented:  1875

Latest Documented:  1910


“ At the close of the Civil War an effort was made by the Federal government to provide in each section of the Southern States, a place where religious, educational and civil instruction could be given to those that had been set free.  This structure—A Freedman’s Bureau—was the one provided for this county as its part of the $1,500 used for such purposes.  It is said that the lumber which was brought up the river for this building was intended to be delivered at Denton, but was put off lower down by mistake.  The colored people have used the building continuously for both church and school purposes until 1910, when the school room was declared unfit for school purposes and a building in Pinetown secured.”  (Cochrane and others, History of Caroline County.)

In 1977, Maryland Historical Trust created MHT inventory item CAR-177 with this assessment of the photo found in Cochrane: “Two story frame structure, like a church or a school, somewhat Greek Revival in appearance, with corner columns and full pediment in the entrance facade.”

From Cochrane et al, History of Caroline County

Location Precision:  30 meters

Structure Exists:  No

Site of Freedman’s Bureau Colored School on MD 16 near Williston

Primary Source:  Cochrane et al.

Other Sources:  Denton Journal,  1875 Isler Map, 1897 Saulsbury map