Tuckahoe Colored School

Other Names: Possibly School No. 14

Earliest Documented: 1918

Latest Documented: 1930

Tags: Segregated Black Schools

The location of this school is uncertain. Best guess is that it’s the same as “School No. 14”, a segregated black school once active near the southern tip of Tuckahoe Neck. That school is so far also not further identified.

It is not the same as Deep Branch Colored School located in Tuckahoe Neck. “Tuckahoe” is listed separately from Deep Branch in Denton Journal school board listings of segregated black schools in 1918 and 1928.

Tuckahoe Colored School was listed among donors to a World War I fund. (History of Caroline County, “United War Work”, pg. 340-346.)

The school was destroyed in a “forest fire” in August 1930. (Denton Journal 1930-08-30/page-4/)

Primary Source: Denton Journal, 1928-10-20/page-4 .

Other Sources: Cochrane pp. 340-346.