Andersontown School

Other Names
  • School No. 10
  • School No. 12

Earliest Documented:   1875

Latest Documented:   1933


Categorized as Public School 1918-1925, Two-Room School in 1928-1933. (DJ)

“A second school house erected on this site was in 1919 burned and the old Holiness Church nearby purchased, and transformed into the present school building.”” (Cochrane).

Precise geolocation is provided by USGS topo 1:62500 Denton 1908 for original road centerline compared to 2016 satellite imagery and street basemap.

Isler 1875 school no. 12. DJ 1877 list school no. 12.

DJ 1896 list school no. 10.

Located in 1896 Election Dist. No. 3.

Location Precision :  25 meters

Structure Exists?  Possibly

Location is based on comparison of 1875 and 1897 maps with road tracks before construction of the intersection of modern MD Routes 404 and 313.  The following sequence indicates that the CRH location is more accurate than the USGS GNIS location.

1875 Isler Map


1897 Saulsbury Map



1920s USGS Topo Map


2016 Aerial Imagery with approx. 1920s road tracks overlayed

Primary Source:   Denton Journal

Other Sources:

Cochrane, 1875 Isler map, USGS 1908 Topo. Cochrane, pp. 224-250, 320-346. Denton Journal, 1925-01-17/page-5, 1928-10-20/page-4, denton-journal/1933-02-25