Bee Tree School

Other Names:    School No. 2, School No. 3           

Earliest Documented:     1850      

Latest Documented:       1928


“Bee Tree School” is labeled on 1897 Saulsbury Map near same location as “School No 2” on 1875 Isler Map.  ”School No. 2” (1875) is east of a N/S road that no longer exists; “Bee Tree School” (1897) is west of it.  USGS 62.5K Barclay 1906 shows church at west site, provides precise location.  This location is 1.8 air miles west of Melville’s Crossroads (1897) on present Bee Tree Rd. west of Henderson. There is another school (not named or numbered) at the corner of Bee Tree Rd. and River Bridge Rd east of MD 311 near the center of Henderson.  This is probably Henderson Elementary noted in Denton Journal 1918 thru 1933. (CRH Maps)  Trustees first appointed by the School Commissioners in 1865. Present site (1920) was purchased 1886 and new building erected. (Cochrane) Categorized as Two-Room School in 1928. (DJ) .  Isler 1875 school no.  2. DJ 1877 list school no. 2.  DJ 1896 list school no. 3. Located in 1896 Election Dist. No. 1.     

Mapped location adjusted to align with USGS GNIS location for School No. 2.

Location Precision:          100 Meters

Structure Exists:                No         

Primary Source:    Denton Journal

Other Sources: USGS GNIS. Cochrane, pp. 187-190. Denton Journal 1928-10-20/page-4.