Bethlehem School

Other Names:    School No. 5 (1875, 1877), School No. 11 (1896)         

Earliest Documented:     1865      

Latest Documented:       1933


“Both a church and school have long contributed to the religious and social wants of the community. In 1865, the school which had heretofore existed as a subscribed, or community school, was turned over to the county and became a part of the state school system. For years the present building was located on the church lot in the village, Init the great need of more room for play-ground led to the school’s being moved a few years
ago to its present site (1920).”  (Cochrane)

The “subscribed school” of 1865 had probably been taken over by the county school board before it appeared as School No. 5 on the Isler 1875 map and also listed as School No. 5 by the school board in 1877. By 1896, it had become School No. 11 in Election District No. 4.

Location Precision:    200 Meters, based on the 1875 Isler Map

Structure Exists:  Uncertain.

Sources:   Cochrane pp. 263-266, Denton Journal 1924-11-15/page-5, 1928-10-20/page-4, 1933-02-25.