Bridgetown School

Other Names: School No. 6

Earliest Documented: 1855
Latest Documented: 1928


Public school existed here “long before 1865.” (Cochrane) DJ 1928 lists Bridgetown white and colored schools separately. White school categorized as Rural School in 1928.

This is MHT CAR-183.

Early maps show location to the east of the present location. Isler 1875 map shows School No. 6 bldg on north side of road east of Bridgetown:

Saulsbury 1897 shows unnamed school on south side:

USGS Dover 125K 1899 quad shows no structure at this road junction.

Barclay 62.5K 1905 and Dover 125K 1906 quads show church on south side. at this location

ISchool numbering: Isler 1875 school no. 6. DJ 1877 list school no. 6. DJ 1895 list school no. [none]. DJ 1896 list school no. 6. Located in 1896 Election Dist. No. 2.

This CRH mapped location aligns with MHT and USGS GNIS:

Primary Source: Denton Journal
Other Sources: Cochrane, pp. 187-190. Denton Journal 1928-10-20/page-4