Chinquapin School

Other Names:    School No. 9

Earliest Documented:     1840      

Latest Documented:       1879      


“Famous Chinquapin school erected on the road to Burrsville in about 1840. .. Building stood on the Saulsbury land about one mile west from [Burrsville] on the Denton road and continued as the school for the neighborhood until sometime in the seventies when it was discontinued and a school building erected on the spot now occupied by the Union. M. P. Church.  This was Burrsville’s first public school and the building thereof by private means was prompted doubtless for fear the colored people after the passage of the Fifteenth Amendment would be allowed the privilege of attending school with the white at Chinquapin. … In (1884) this building was moved about a mile west of the village to a corner of the county farm where it has since been used as a colored school.” (Cochrane)

Categorized as Public School (White) in 1840-1870s. Isler 1875 school no.  9. DJ 1877 list school no. 9.

Latitude:              38.903625           

Longitude:           -75.768862         

Location Precision:          50 Meters

Structure Exists:                No         

Primary Source:                1875 Isler map 

Other Sources: Cochrane pp. 156-163, 218-222, 263-266.