Concord School

Other Names:    School No. 1, School No. 3

Earliest Documented:     1875      

Latest Documented:       1933      


“In 1876 the present [1920] school site was purchased from Joseph Mowbray. ” (Cochrane)

1875 Isler map shows J. Mowbray land and School No 1 east of ME Church.

Categorized as Public School n 1918, Rural School in 1924-25, Two-Room School in 1928, Rural School in 1933. Isler 1875 school no. 1. DJ 1877 list school no. 1. DJ 1896 list school no. 3. Located in 1896 Election Dist. No. 5.

The CRH mapped location matches the 1875 Isler map which shows a school east of the M.E. Church. The 1897 Saulsbury map supports this position. This also aligns most closely with the USGS GNIS database location. However, the 1920 USGS topo map shows a school symbol west of and adjacent to the church symbol. (The digital historical topo basemap is not reliably clear. School and church symbols seem to be interchangeably and incorrectly shown in many USGS quads of Caroline in this timeframe.)

Location Precision:          50 Meters

Structure Exists:                No         

Primary Source:                1875 Isler map 

Other Sources: Cochrane, pp. 281-283