Denton Academy (1883-1897)

See also Denton Academy (1835-1879)

Other Names:    Denton Schoolhouse, MHT CAR-166

Earliest Documented:     1883      

Latest Documented:       1901


Segregated white school.

“In 1879, Denton Academy was moved from courthouse block to Low and Second Streets, there used as an Academy until 1883, when it was moved a little west on the same street. (Cochrane) 

Caroline High School was authorized in 1887, building on Franklin St., now culinary school, was built in 1901. 

Saulsbury 1897 inset for downtown Denton shows school at location of MHT CAR-166, Denton Schoolhouse, built in 1883. Mapped location is for the MHT site and building.

Location Precision:          1   Meter

Structure Exists:                Yes        

Primary Source:                1897 Saulsbury map       

Other Sources: Cochrane,  224-250; MHT CAR-166