Edinburgh School

Other Names: School No. 5

Earliest Documented: 1892

Latest Documented: 1920

 Tags: Segregated White Schools


“Edinburgh school was organized about 1892 and took its name from the tract of land on which it was erected.” (Cochrane)

Listed in DJ 1895 and 1896 with all schools and expenditures. DJ 1896 list school no. 5. Located in 1896 Election Dist. No. 1.

Mapped location is for the only un-numbered and un-named school seen in Election District No. 1 of 1897 Saulsbury map. This location is in Marydel neighborhood indicated for Edinburgh by Cochrane and at least one Denton Journal item.

Location Precision:  50 meters

Structure Exists:  No

Primary Source: 1897 Saulsbury Map

Other Sources: Cochrane p. 179. Denton Journal 1893-03-04/page-3, 1893-04-22/page-3, 1895-09-28/page-8/, 1896-10-24/, 1900-10-27/page-3/, 1902-10-18/page-3.