Federalsburg School (1875-1880)

Other Names:  None

First Documented:  1875

Last Documented:  1880

Tags:  Civic Segregated White Schools 


The first school in Federalsburg was situated on the west side of Main Street midway between Academy Avenue and the M. P. Church. Burned during the first term. It and successor built near the point where Main Street became the Preston road, were under the management of Dorchester County. (Cochrane)

Mapped location is for the 1875 Isler map location, which matches the above descript ion. See Federalsburg Academy for “the first Caroline County school within town limits (which) stood adjoining the present site of the M.E. Church.” (Cochrane)

Structure Exists:  No

Primary Source:  1875 Isler Map

Other Sources:  Cochrane, pp. 267-280