Friendship School

Other Names: School No. 4 (1875)

Earliest Documented: 1875

Latest Documented: 1920s

Tags: Segregated White Schools

Primary Source: 1875 Isler Map, 1897 Saulsbury Map

Other Sources: USGS GNIS, USGS historic topo map. Cochrane, pp 251-255. Denton Journal 1924-11-15/page-5,1925-01-17/page-5, 1928-10-20/page-4, 1933-02-25.

Structure Exists: No

Friendship School in 1977. From MHT MHIP CAR-185


“The first school building in this community was erected about one hundred years ago [1820] and was likewise made of logs.  It was burned in 1851. School was kept in a shack for awhile until the first of the present building was erected.” (Cochrane) 

Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, CAR-185 (1977):

“Friendship School, located directly across from Friendship Church, once formed part of the social, educational, and religious center of a farming community. Located at the intersection of three roads, they are the only building in the immediate vicinity. Together with the farms that they served, these buildings are one example of the development of social and cultural history in the area.”

“Friendship School is located on the north side of the intersection of American Corner Road and Friendship Road, northeast of Preston, Caroline County. The structure was moved to its present site where it is being used by a local business.”

“The design of Friendship School is similar to several other school houses in Caroline County that were probably built in the early twentieth century. The floor plan of the building is rectangular, but the ridge of the roof is T-shaped. Therefore, the two long facades (in this case the east and west) have a three bay gable end section with two doors, a central window and another window above it in the gable, and a two bay section with two windows. The south facade is the unfenestrated gable end, and the north facade is three bays long. Most of the fenestration has been altered or blocked in for the buildings present use as a warehouse.”

In 1911 a new room was added, making Friendship a two-room school. It was categorized as a Two-Room School in 1925 and 1928, and a Rural School in 1933. (Denton Journal)

The 1897 Saulsbury map shows the school relocated across road location of 1875 Isler map School No. 4, which was next to Friendship ME Church. The 1905 USGS map shows a school/church symbol at the 1897 location. The mapped location is for this 1897-1905 location.

1875 Isler Map
1897 Saulsbury Map
USGS Topographic Map, 1920-1940

Precision: Exact. CRH location is more precise than USGS location, based on imagery and county roads.

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