Greenlee’s School (Garey’s School)

Other Names: School No. 8 (1875-1877), Piney School

Earliest Documented: 1875

Latest Documented:

Tags: Segregated White Schools

Primary Source : 1875 Isler Map

Other Sources: USGS GNIS Placenames. Denton Journal


“The first school building was situated close to what is now (1920) Garey’s canning factory, near the present State road. At that time it was called Piney school. The old school house is still standing and is used as part of a dwelling.” (Cochrane)

Appears as School No. 8 on the 1875 map of Caroline County, Md., by John B. Isler. Mapped location adjusted to USGS GNIS. Imagery shows possible school structure converted to a residence, which agrees with the Cochrane description above. (This is not the school-like residence still seen on the east side Denton-Greensboro Road. That structure may be Garey’s Chapel.)

“A building which stood on the Denton-Greensboro road at a point where a private road lead to Smith’s Landing … was used as a church and school and was known as ‘Piney’. That public spirited citizen and landowner, Arthur John Greenlee, donated the land for a schoolhouse in the central part of the district, on the road leading for Greenlee’s Crossroads to Passapae’s Landing and at a private road which lead toward Zacharias’ Mill. In 1878 a school building was built thereon. At first it was called “Greenlee’s” but finally named “Garey’s” as a token of the high esteem in which Capt. Matthew Garey, a prominent citizen of the community, a large patron of the school and president of its Board of Trustees, was held.” (Denton Journal, 13 Feb 1932, page 6)

Structure Exists: Probably, modified

Location Precision: 10 meters

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