Greensboro School – Maple Ave.

Other Names: Unknown

Earliest Documented: 1876

Latest Documented: 1933

Tags: Segregated White Schools

Primary Source: Cochrane

Other Sources: Denton Journal, 1897 Saulsbury Map

Structure Exists: Unknown

Location Precision: 30 meters


Appears on the 1897 map of Caroline County, Md., by M.L. Saulsbury.

Cochrane: “After the unexpected destruction of the riverside building (1875) , the construction of the new (Maple Avenue) building was hastened and completed before the opening of school, September 1876. The rooms (2) of the present building which front on Maple Avenue were opened. … Since then by a process of addition and division of rooms … it is (1920) a low rambling structure of seven rooms.”

Denton Journal 1895 & 1896 school expenses lists Greensboro as No. 3, which matches Isler 1875 map. Categorized as Public School in 1918. (Cochrane). Categorized as Town School in 1924-1933. (Denton Journal).

Geographic coordinates are precise per detailed footprint in Greensboro downtown map inset to 1897 Saulsbury map.

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