Greensboro School – Satterfield Lot

Other Names School No. 3 (1875), School No. 3 and No. 4 (1877)

Earliest Documented: 1873

Latest Documented 1876 (Burned)

Tags: Segregated White Schools

Primary Source L. Cochrane et al.

Other Sources : 1875 Isler Map, Denton Journal

Structure Exists: No

Location Precision: 10 meters


Appears on the 1875 map of Caroline County, Md., by John B. Isler.

Cochrane: “[In 1873] the number of pupils demanded more room. W.C. Satterfield made a deal with the Board of Education contracting to erect a new school building near the Choptank bridge … The new building (Satterfield’s) was located near where the Leverage home now (1920) stands … In July 1876, the new school was burned through some unknown cause.”

Geographic coordintates for the CRH mapped location are precise to within 30 meters of site. This is based on Greensboro downtown inset map in the Isler 1875 map, which shows a school on the south side of Sunset Ave., west of two Satterfield & Moore stores and hotel, about half way between Park Ave. and the bridge. The CRH mapped location also aligns with the USGS GNIS location for “Historical School No. 3.”

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