Grove School

Other Names: School No. 6, Cannery Grove School

Earliest Documented: 1875

Latest Documented: 1920


“The first public school in this section seems to have been taught by Mr. Peter James Patchett shortly after the Civil War in a dwelling house provided by Mr. Perry Taylor. Shortly afterwards, a new school building was erected near the site of the present one and Miss Annie Hains was the first teacher. This building was used for school purposes until 1887 when the present school was erected.” [Cochrane et al, History of Caroline County from its Beginnings.]

1875 Isler map of Caroline County

“After awhile a cannery was erected on one side of the school to be followed in a few years by another cannery on the opposite side of the school. Hence the origin of the term sometimes applied – ‘Cannery Grove.'” [Cochrane et al, History of Caroline County from its Beginnings.]

The school appears on the the 1875 Isler and 1897 Saulsbury maps of Caroline County.

1897 Saulsbury map of Caroline County

Our CRH mapped location aligns with the 1920 USGS topographic map which shows a church or school symbol at the corner of present Carroll Rd., as shown in the next map. [The USGS GNIS mapped location appears to be incorrect.]

Structure Exists: No

Location Precision: 20 meters