Hog Island School

Other Names: School No. 10 in Election District No. 4 (1896)

Earliest Documented: 1879

Latest Documented: 1936

Hog Island School is listed as School No. 10 in Election District No. 4 in 1896 Denton Journal lists of school expenditures. (Smithson School, also known as Hog Creek School, is listed separately.)

Hog Island School is probably the unnamed school shown in Election District No. 4 near Hog Island in the 1897 map of Caroline County:

Precise location is based on USGS historic map position at the junction of Frazier Neck Rd and the east-west road still is visible in imagery:

Hog Island School was moved to the Linchester Mill Campus and restored in 2012 by the Caroline County Historical Society. At the ribbon cutting ceremony, the Society reported that the building had been moved from Frazier Neck, which is the area shown in the 1897 map above. And that it was built in 1879 and used until 1936. The Society possessed a memoir written by a Dutch immigrant who had attended the school and whose family had been part of the “Wilhelmina Colony”.

Hog Island School restored and relocated to Linchester Mill in Preston.

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