Liden’s School

Other Names:   School No. 15 (1875),  School No. 11 (1896), Bullock’s School (1890 thru 1918)

Earliest Documented:  1827

Latest Documented:  1944 (as Bullock’s School)

Tags:  Segregated White School

History and Description

The building site was deeded in 1827 by Shadrach Liden “along the road from Andersontown to Smithville” to serve as both church and school. (Cochrane pp. 156-163)  This location matches “School No. 15” adjacent to the residence of S. Liden in the 1875 Isler map:

Liden’s School was moved in 1890 when “Zebedial Fountain conveyed a piece of land for a new site and the present building was erected.”  The Z. Fountain residence appears in 1875 Isler and 1897 Saulsbury maps where “Bullock’s School appears on 1918/1944  USGS topographic maps:

The 1897 map indicates that Liden’s School may have been renamed “Bullock’s” before it was moved northward:

After the school was moved in 1890, it may have been called by both names, since the 1890-1944 location of Bullock’s School is found along the present Liden’s School Road.

Teachers at Bullock’s School included Sarah M. Anderson in 1896 and Geraldine Lynch in 1914.

Structure Exists:  No

Location Precision:  30 meters

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