Marydel School

Other Names: School No. 1 in Election District 1 (1875)

Earliest Documented 1875

Latest Documented: 1920s

Tags: Segregated White Schools

Sources: MHT CAR-179, 1875 Isler Map, USGS GNIS and topo maps.


Extract from MHT CAR-179: “The Marydel school was probably built during the first quarter of the twentieth century. Its form is very similar to the Colored School, Denton and other public schools in Caroline County. The structure is the visible reminder of the growth of public education in Caroline County. It also serves as a community hall which is a good adaptive use for such structures.”

This is probably the same as School No. 1 in the 1875 Isler map:

This school is not marked in the 1897 Saulsbury map.

USGS GNIS probably located this incorrectly (lower left below), possibl through automated mapping processes which were confused by digital stitching of adjacent quadrangles and changes in road layout since 1920s maps were produced. Correct location (upper right) is from MHT CAR-179description and mapping of existing (1977) building. Difference is seen in this close-up of the 1920s USGS topographic map.

Location Precision: Precise.

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