Nichols School

Other Names:  School No. 2

Earliest Documented:  1896

Latest Documented:  1925

Tags Segregated White Schools


The school site was purchased from James A. Nichols in 1896. (Cochrane) This is validated by the 1897 Saulsbury Map:

In 1896, it was listed as School No. 2 in Election District No. 5. It was categorized as a Public School in 1918 and a Rural School in 1924 and 1925. Teachers included Nellie Slacum.

Structure Exists:   Probably.  The existing building may be the modified original.


Location precision:  1 Meter

Primary Source: 1897 Saulsbury map

Other Sources:  Cochrane, pp. 267-280, 320-346. DJ 1908-08-29/page-5, 1924-11-15/page-5, 1925-01-17/page-5.