Oaks School

Other Names: School No. 13 (1875)

Earliest Documented: 1875

Latest Documented: 1928

Tags: Segregated White Schools

Primary Source: 1897 Saulsbury Map

Other Sources : 1875 Isler Map

Structure Exists: Probably

Location Precision: Precise


The 1920 structure was the second one at this location. (Cochrane) Categorized as Rural School in 1925-1928 (DJ). Appears as Oaks School on the 1897 Saulsbury map and as School No. 13 in 1875 Isler map.

Site visit in February 2021 and Google Street View suggest that the structure still exists, modified as a residence:

Google Street View from north on Hobbs Road
Google Street View facing east from Hobbs Road.
Google Street View from south on Hobbs Road

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