Moore’s School

Other Names: School No. 1 in Election District No. 2 (1875)

Earliest Documented: 1857

Latest Documented: 1933

Tags: Segregated White Schools

Primary Source: 1875 Isler Map

Other Sources: USGS GNIS

Structure Exists: Unknown

Locaton Precision: 10 meters


Appears on the 1875 map of Caroline County, Md., by John B. Isler as School No. 1 in Election District No. 2 (Greensborough). The mapped location below aligns with the USGS GNIS location for “School No. 1 (historical)”.

Categorized as Public School in 1918, Two-Room (Two Teacher) School during 1924-1933.

This is probably the school referred to in Cochran et al, which was moved from a location next to Irving Chapel (synopsis):

In 1856, Thomas Moore had a large tract of land east side of the Choptank river from shell road to Zimmerman farm and built grist mill and saw mill. Moore had school house built in 1857 or 1858 on land given by Betsy Baynard. About 1893,  David Greenlee led to have the school moved to more central location, had a road put from Greensboro-Hollandsville road to the Moore Mill Lane (where the school had been.  New school was placed on land given by William Hutson. Inl 1912, a large room was built in front of the old one. 

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