School No. 5

Other Names: [ “Faulkner Branch” is a CRH placeholder label, named after the nearby stream.]

Earliest Documented: 1875

Latest Documented:

Primary Source: 1875 Isler Map

Other Sources:

Structure Exists: No


Appears as “School No. 5″on the 1875 map of Caroline County, Md., by John B. Isler. Not further identified. The 1875 school was possibly located where the Mullikin residence which appears in the 1897 Saulsbury map between residences of Andrews (to the west) and Bowdle (to the east). The CRH mapped location is adjusted to end of the road that may have led to the Mullikin residence. This location is probably more precise than the USGS GNIS location shown 200 meters to the southeast.

It is possible that School No. 5 was discontinued or moved in favor of the location where the Nichols School was established one mile to the northeast before 1897.

Location Precision: 200 meters

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