Bishop Wayman,
Do you come from Tuckahoe?
Are you a son of Francis Wayman of Caroline County?

I am.  And now tell me,
Did Charlie and Button pull your wagon all the way
from Tuckahoe to Ohio?

Bishop Wayman at Tuscola IL

The Legacy of A.M.E Bishop A.W. Wayman
of Tuckahoe Neck, Caroline County, Maryland

From the table of contents of Bishop A.W. Wayman’s Recollections:

[1872] Off for California–Return–St. Paul’s Chapel in St. Louis dedicated–On the go–Indiana Conference of ’72–At Evansville –The Missouri Conference– The Virginia Conference–York (Pa.) –At Salt Lake–Denver City–Church at St. Joseph (Mo.) dedicated–Church at St. Charles (Mo.) dedicated–Also Church at Muncietown, Ind.– Missouri Conference of ’73–Off for Indiana–Tour through the West–

Down to Denton in company with Bishop Campbell–

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Off for California Conference, ’74–Sacramento City–Dedication at Jacksonville, Ill.–Indiana Conference, ’74–Terre Haute–Missouri Conference, ’74, Kansas City–Homeward to Baltimore—

— Sunday, October 4, found me near the place where I was born, “Tuckahoe,” and then and there I dedicated a new church called “Deep Branch Chapel.” [1874]

Unveiling of Lincoln monument at Springfield, Ill.–Reopening of Sullivan St. Church, New York–Homeward via. Detroit, Iowa, Missouri–Visits to Virginia and New Jersey and Baltimore Conferences–Off for California–California Conference of ’75–Oakland– Return to the East–Indiana Conference, ’75, Detroit–Return to Detroit–Illinois Conference, ’75–Sparta–Visits on the way to Missouri Conference –Missouri Conference, ’75–Glasgow– Conference at Quincy–Return to Baltimore– B. M. E. General Conference Canada–Homeward, through my work — Tour through the West–Visit to the Ohio Conference–Xenia– Conference at Baltimore–General Conference, ’76, Atlanta–Dedicated the Church at Washington, Penn — Kentucky Conference–Tennessee Conference at Pulaski, 21 Sept., 1876 –In Memphis–In Ohio–Church at Delphos–New Church at Zanesville –at Frederick, Md.–In Philadelphia –In Bethel, New York–In New England –Down the Ohio river–At Wilberforce –The Pittsburg Conference–Philadelphia Conference– Tour through middle Tennessee–In Kentucky–At Wilberforce Commencement—

— At Tuckahoe, Md [August 1877] —

In Baltimore–Corner-stone at Canton, Baltimore–Emory Grove — –Ohio Conference at Urbana–Kentucky Conference–Tennessee Conference–West Tennessee Conference –The Pittsburg Conference–At Trenton–At Annapolis–Tour through the West–Baltimore Conference of ’78–In Tennessee–In the South–The Pittsburg Conference at Salem, Ohio–Tennessee–The yellow fever, In the sick Chamber–Visit the Baltimore Conference–Goes to Washington to see President Hayes–

–At Tuckahoe [March 1879] —

-St. John (Cleveland) –At Columbus, Ohio–Dedicates the Washington Church–In St. Louis–Missionary meeting in Detroit–The Pittsburg Conference– Sunday school in Bowling Green– In Boston–At Old St. George, Philadelphia– General Conference of 1880–Conclusion–What hath not God wrought!

Bishop Wayman recollects:

Friday, April 6th found me at North Lewisburg [Ohio].  There I met a white gentleman that I had not seen for forty-seven years.   He left my native county in June 1829.   He was about eighteen, and I was about eight.   He had seen my name in some of the notices given of camp-meetings, and he sent me word by Bishop Shorter to know if I was a son of Francis Wayman, of Caroline county, Maryland.

I wrote him a letter, giving him all the information asked for, and when I got to his town he said he had two hundred questions to ask me.  I tried to answer them all, and when he was through I commenced to ask him questions about his brothers and sisters.   And then I wanted to know if they brought to Ohio “Charlie” and “Button”.  These were the names of their horses.   For every person that went to Ohio in those days traveled in wagons.

I took tea with him, and then he went to church with me, and I took him into the pulpit with me, for he was a Christian when he left home, and I found him one then.