The Historic Landscape of Caroline County

We identified and mapped the historic locations of sawmills and grist mills in the Choptank River Heritage area, primarily by georeferencing the 1875 Isler and 1897 Saulsbury maps of Caroline County.

In the map shown on this page, use the toggle at the upper left to turn on/off background layers for 1850-1900 maps of Caroline and surrounding counties.

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Below the map are lists of sawmills and grist mills which appear in the historic landscape.  We also listed all of grist mills and sawmills that appear in the Maryland Historical Trust catalog, Molinography of Caroline County.

See the larger map of Sawmills and Grist Mills in the Historic Landscape of Caroline County, Maryland with historical and imagery basemaps.



See our Choptank River Heritage Sites Research map application for the geographic locations of all documented sites.  These sites can be viewed over a variety of topographic, satellite and aerial imagery, and historic basemaps.

Many of the historic sites are described in detail here in the CCHS web site.  Use the website search box above to find pages and posts for sites by name.

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All sawmills and grist mills that appear in the 1875 and 1897 maps of Caroline County:

Name Lat Lon
Allcock Sawmill -75.87 38.78
Anthony Mill -75.79 38.88
Casho’s Mills -75.79 39.08
Fletcher’s Mill -75.93 38.59
Grist Mill -75.78 39.02
Grist Mill -75.83 38.95
Grist Mill -75.82 38.94
Grist Mill -75.81 38.92
Grist Mill -75.83 38.93
Grist Mill -75.93 38.88
Grist Mill -75.83 38.89
Grist Mill -75.78 38.71
Grist Mill -75.75 38.70
Grist Mill -75.81 38.92
Grist Mill -75.93 38.88
Grist Mill -75.85 38.83
Grist Mill -75.93 38.78
Grist Mill -75.90 38.70
Grist Mill -75.78 38.70
Grist Mill & Sawmill -75.78 39.00
Grist Mill & Sawmill -75.90 38.70
Grist Mill & Sawmill -75.73 38.77
Grist Mill & Sawmill -75.79 38.88
L.W. Pool Sawmill -75.76 38.82
Layton’s Mill -75.93 38.88
Levi Lee’s Mill -75.96 38.89
Nathaniel Manning Mill -76.24 38.60
Potter’s Mill -75.86 38.83
Rolling Mill -75.72 38.84
Sawmill -75.76 38.99
Sawmill -75.93 38.88
Sawmill -75.83 38.83
Sawmill -75.92 38.78
Sawmill -75.78 38.75
Sawmill -75.74 38.74
Sawmill -75.94 38.71
Sawmill -75.77 38.71
Sawmill -75.77 38.70
Sawmill -75.77 38.70
Sawmill -75.77 38.70
Sawmill -75.84 39.05
Sawmill -75.91 39.00
Sawmill -75.76 38.99
Sawmill -75.92 38.98
Sawmill -75.86 38.93
Sawmill -75.78 38.94
Sawmill -75.77 38.83
Sawmill -75.74 38.78
Sawmill -75.75 38.75
Sawmill -75.82 38.75
Sawmill -75.94 38.72
Sawmill -75.75 38.69
Stanton’s Mill -75.86 38.81
Steam Sawmill -75.79 39.08
Steam Sawmill -75.78 39.04
Steam Sawmill -75.80 38.97
Steam Sawmill -75.88 38.85
Steam Sawmill -75.77 38.83
Steam Sawmill -75.93 38.76
Steam Sawmill -75.84 38.75
Steam Sawmill -75.80 38.97
Steam Sawmill, J.H. Jump & Co. -75.88 38.94
Windmill Site -76.26 38.61
Wm. George Grist Mill -75.75 39.11

Grist mills and sawmills listed in the Maryland Historical Trust catalog, Molinography of Caroline County.  Many are described in more detail with dates and locations.

Allaband Sawmill
Allcock Sawmill
Anderson Mill. See Potters Mill.
Andersontown Mill
Andrew Mill
Anthonys Mill
Bailey Mill
Barrow Tan House
Bartletts Mill
Barton Sawmill
Baynard And Carsson Mill. See Knotts Mill.
Beacham Carding Mill. See Pritchett And Mcnash.
Beauchamp Granary
Bells Mill . Same As Messenger Mill.
Blades Cannery
Blades Mill. See Andrew Mill.
Blades Sawmill
Bloomery/Bloomberry Mills
Booker Sawmill
Booth Sawmill
Boyce Mill
Boyce Mill Road
Bradford Sawmill
Bradleys Mill
Brick Mill. See Hardcastle Mill.
Brown Furnace
Brown Mill
Brown Phosphate Factory
Brown Sawmill
Buckley Mill
Burchenal Mill
Camp Todd Mill
Cannon Mill
Caroline County Mills
Caroline County Silk Co.
Caroline Manufacturing Company
Caroline Supply Co.
Casho Sawmill
Chaffinch Sawmill
Chambers Lake
Chances Mill
Chiltons Mill
Choptank Mill. See Mud Mill.
Connerlys Mill
Corkran Mill
Corkran Mill Was A Sorghum Works At Nichols, HCLN, P. 279.
Corkrans Sawmill
Croll Feed Co.
Davis Sawmill
Dawson & Co. Mill. See Andrew (Fowling Creek) Mill
Dawson Mill. See Sullivan Mill (At Federalsburg).
Dawson Sawmill
Day Mill
Deens Mill. Same As Andrew Mill. Spelled Dean On The 1897 Map By Saulsbury.
Dennis And Andrews Cannery
Denton Flour Mill
Denton Silk Co.
Dickinsons Mill
Dickinsons Mill. Dickinsons Mill Was. Same As Douglas Mill.
Disharoon Mills. See Idlewylde Mills.
Doughty Mill. See Hog Creek Mill.
Douglas Brothers Foundry
Douglas Furance
Douglas Mill
Douglas Sawmill
Douglas Windmill
Douglass’s Mill
Downs Mill. See Goldsborough Mill.
Drapers Mill
Drivers Mill
Dwiggins Tanyard
Eagle Tannery
Eagles Mills
Eddington Mill. See Sullivans Mill.
Edmondson Mill
Elben Mill. Same As Knotts Mill.
Eliason Mill
Ellicott Forge
Elliott Mills. See Idlewylde Mills.
Elliott Sawmill
Emerson Mill
Emerson Sawmill
Esskay Poultry Growing Division. See Phillips And Douglas Mill.
Evaland Sawmill
Exeter Mills. See Idlewylde Mills.
Federalsburg Bloomery. Same As Douglas Furnace.
Federalsburg Kindling Mill
Federalsburg Milling Co. See Messenger Mill.
Federalsburg Silk Company
Federalsburg Windmill
Fluharty Mill. See Hog Creek Mill.
Fooks Cannery
Forge Branch
Forkners Mill
Fosters Mill
Fountain Mill
Fowling Creek Mill. See Andrew Mill.
Frampton Mill (1/2)
Furtads Mill. See Mud Mill.
Garey Mill. See Drivers Mill.
Garrett Mill
Geary Millpond. See Crouse Mill In Queen Anne’s County.
George Mill
Goldsborough Mill
Goslin Mill
Grays Mill
Greensborough Mfg. Co.
Greensborough Sawmill
Griffin Mill. Same As Linchester Mill.
Griffiths Mill
Hardcastles Mill
Harmony Mill. See Andrew Mill.
Harris Broiler Houses
Harris Cannery
Hendson Gristmill
Hickman Sawmill
Hicks Mill. Same As Knotts Mill.
Highnut Mill
Hog Creek Mill
Hopkins Mill
Horsey Sawmill
Hough Sawmill
Houstons Mill
Hubbard Steam Sawmill
Hughlett Mill
Hunting Creek Grist And Saw Mill. Same As Linchester Mill.
Huston Mill
Hutson Sawmill
Idlewylde Mills. The Name Exeter Mills Was Used In 1799
Ireland Mill. Same As Knotts Mill.
Jefferson And Stock Mill. Same As Sullivan Mill.
Johnson Steam Mill
Knotts Mill
Kuglars Mill
Lane And Chambers Factory
Layton Mill
Legates Cannery
Legates Factory
Liden Mill. Same As Potters Mill.
Liden Sawmill
Lime Kiln
Linchester Mill
Lowe And West Sawmill
Lowe Mil. See Linchester Mill Entry.
Lucas Mill. Same As Knotts.
Lynch Grain And Feed Co.
Marine Mill. See Nichols Sawmill.
Marine/ Merine Mills
Marsdin Mill. See Mud Mill.
Medford Mill (Delaware). See Mud Mill.
Melvin Sawmill
Merriken Mill. See Idlewylde Mill.
Messenger Mill
Messick Cannery
Messicks Steam Mill
Milford Mill
Mill Creek (3/8)
Mill Farm
Mill Land
Mill Landing. See Also Knotts Mill.
Mill Pond Enlarged. See Gray Mill.
Mill Range
Mill Range Corrected
Mill Seat
Mill Security
Mill Swamp, Addition To
Mill Swathe
Mill Tract
Missick Mill. Same As Messenger Mill.
Moore Granary
Moore Mill Lane
Moore Mill. See Also Draper Mill.
Moores Iron Mine
Morgan Mill
Morgans Mill. Same As Knotts Mill.
Mowbray Mill. See Hog Creek Mill.
Mud Mill
Mud Mill Road
Murrays Mill. See Linchester Mill.
Nagel Mill. Successor Of Andrew Mill.
New Mill, Denton
Nichols Mill
Nichols Sawmill
Noble Cannery
Nuttle Mill
Nuttle Sawmill
Old Bloomery. See Douglas Furnace.
Oldtown Mill. Same As Goldsborough Mill.
Patterson Sawmill
Patton Sawmill
Pearal Hominy Mills
Pearsons Mill
Phillips And Douglas Mill
Phillips And Douglas Sawmill
Pierce Mill
Pitman Sawmill
Pools Mills. See Andersontown Mill.
Potters Mill
Potters Tannery
Price Smith Shop
Pritchett and Mcnash
Purnell Mill
Redden Sawmill. See Denton Flour Mill.
Replogle Mill
Riches Mill Branch. Same As Present Tubmill Branch.
Rickards Mill. See Sangstons Mill.
Ridgely Flouring Mills
Ridgely Supply Co.
Roberetsons Mill. See Linchester Mill.
Rodgers Fulling Mill
Roe Sawmill
Rower Still
Sangston Mill
Sangston Tannery
Sapp Mill
Satterfield And Moore Mill
Satterfield Sawmil
Saulsbury Mill
Selby Mill
Seths Mill. See Knotts Mill.
Sewell Mill. See Draper Mill.
Shockley Mill
Sisk Cannery. See Denton Flour Mil At Denton Bridge.
Smith Mill
Smith Sawmill
Southern States Cooperative
Sparks Brothers
Spranklin Mill. See Knotts Mill.
Spring Mills. See Drivers Mill.
Stantons Mill
Steam Sawmill
Stephens Mill
Sullivan Mill
Thawley Mill
Thompson Gristmill. Same As Hog Creek Mill.
Todd Mill. Same As Potters Mill.
Todd Sawmill
Towns Sawmill
Tubmill Branch
Tuckahoe Neck Roller Mill. Same As Knotts Mill.
Tuff Mill. See Linchester Mill.
Turpins Iron Mine
Upper Hunting Creek Mill. See Linchester Mill.
Vorhees Mill
Websters Mill. See Linchester Mill.
Whiteley Mill
Whitely Sawmill
Wilhelmina Colony Sawmill
Williamson Old Mill
Williamson Sawmill
Willis Cannery
Willis Sawmill. See Also Douglas Sawmill.
Williston Mill. Same As Potters.
Willoughby Sawmill
Wilson Factory
Wilson Mill
Wilson Mill. See Bradleys Mill.
Wilson Mill. See Hardcastles Mill.
Wilson Sawmill
Wood Foundry And Mill
Wright And Corkran Mill. See Linchester Mill.
Wright Cannery
Wright Mill
Wright Shirt Factory
Zacharias Mill