Take to the highway, won’t you lend me your name?
Your way and my way seem to be one and the same.
Mamma don’t understand it.  She wants to know where I’ve been.
I have to be some kind of natural born fool to want to pass that way again.
But you know I can feel it, yeah-yeah, on a country road.

Walk on down, walk on down,
walk on down a country road.

In 1875, all roads in Caroline County were dirt.  Most were crooked.

dirt roads - 1875

As late as the 1970s, US government maps showed that many Caroline County roads were still unpaved.  Here is part of a USGS topographic map that shows dirts roads between Ridgely and Tuckahoe State Park:

dirt roads - topo2

Satellite photos of the same area today show that many roads remain unpaved:

dirt roads - satellite

The map here will show you all of the dirt roads in Caroline County– which are the longest (about 3 miles), which pass through farm fields or woods, which run near towns.

Find one you like and walk on down a country road.

country roads 430x

Find all the dirt roads in Caroline County. Walk on down.