Hainesville Colored School

Other Names: Haynesville Colored School


Earliest Documented: 1897


Latest Documented: 1936


Category Civic


Tags: Segregated Black Schools




The 1936 description of school adjacent to Horsey and Everngam lands near Williston matches 1897 map of Caroline County
Description: “Denton Journal 1936 refers to Horsey and Everngam properties adjacent to Haynesville School near Williston. ¬†Categorized as Colored School in 1928.¬† Site visit in 2017 confirmed no structure exists.


Site of Hainesville Colored School


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Location Precision: 30 meters


Structure Exists: No


Primary Source: 1897 Saulsbury map


Other Sources: DJ 1936-06-06/page-2, 1928-10-20/page-4